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Located in the old town of Weston, Ontario, Weston Motors Inc has become deeply embedded in the community over the past 40 years. For general manager Paul Sanginesi, Weston Motors Inc has more than just history; it is the object of his pride and joy. This family-run business has been built and operated on the tenets of honesty, integrity and full customer satisfaction.

The pursuit of customer satisfaction begins well before Weston Motors Inc vehicles are sold. The process of ensuring the best vehicles are on their lot begins with the buying process. Weston Motors Inc never purchases vehicles outside of Ontario or from unreliable sources. We deal with a select few franchise dealerships that provide top-of-the-line, off-lease or trade-in vehicles.

Once the purchasing process is complete, Paul Sanginesi and his team will test-drive each vehicle to investigate any potential problems. Once the vehicles passes this test, they are fully reconditioned, certified and detailed on the premise. The vehicle is then clearly marked with a sticker price, mileage and options and put on display to the public with a Carfax Report on hand.

Once on the lot, customers can expect the utmost in courtesy and personalized service from each and every family member. As the chief salesperson, Paul Sanginesi encourages all sales staff to spend a considerable amount of time with each customer, ensuring that they are fully aware of the customers’ needs and making sure they meet all their requirements. At Weston Motors Inc, we have such confidence in our vehicles that we allow all our customer to take the vehicle of their choice to their own mechanic for an unbiased inspection!

Once a vehicle is chosen, Weston Motors Inc believes in making sure their customers feel comfortable when making decisions about financing, warranty options, and of course the final purchase.

If there are minor issues after the purchase, Weston Motors Inc has an in-house service bay used exclusively for their customers where customers are able to “buy here as well as pay here” with no credit check required.

Weston Motors Lot


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